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This game takes place entirely on a Discord server. Click Here to join and start playing!

Hello, adventurers! Welcome to 80 Days!

In this game, you will be randomly assigned to one of three teams. Your goal? To circumnavigate the globe, of course!

Each "day" (one hour of real time), you can:

  • Spend coins to try and book passage to your next location
  • Hire a faction of ne'er-do-wells to sabotage  enemy teams
  • Talk with your teammates to determine the best course of action
  • Fall in love? Who knows!

The server has more on the specifics. If you've joined, you've read the instructions there, and you're still confused, don't worry: Here's a(n) FAQ!


  • What if nobody's won after 80 days?
    • If nobody reaches London by the end of the game, whoever was closest will win.
  • What happens if my team books passage for more than one location in a single day?
    • Whichever location had the most coins put towards it will be the one you try to travel to.
  • Wait... how does sabotage work?
    • Sabotage is basically negative-coins you pay toward's another team's trip. So, if a team paid 465 coins to go from London to Dublin (which only costs 462 coins), the other teams need to pay at least 4 coins to sabotage them.
  • I wasted all my money on a town we didn't go to!
    • Money spent on paths that aren't taken will be partially refunded at the end of each day.
  • Does that count for sabotage too?
    • Money used for sabotage will NOT be refunded.
  • Why do I have more coins  than I was expecting?
    • Everybody is given 200 coins to start, so that could be what you're seeing. It's also possible you got some refunds (See above). That or the bot's broken.
  • What does it mean by at least X km away?
    • That number is how far you'd need to go if you took the shortest path possible to the end.
  • Why can't we see the whole map?
    • I thought I had a map laying around somewhere, but I can't seem to find it! Probably wouldn't help much anyway, it's just a bunch of unlabeled points with no routes drawn in...
  • I joined the server but I never got assigned to a team! Does that mean I can't play?
    • The bot may have been offline or there was an error when you joined. The best thing you can probably do is leave and rejoin once it looks like it's working again. I'm really sorry.
  • Is the bot broken? Why?
    • See "About" ;)
  • Do you have any general advice?
    • Just because a certain path is more expensive or seems closer to the goal doesn't mean it's better. You may find yourself stuck on a much more expensive path on the next turn!
    • Conversely, while a location may look further away from the goal, you MAY be able to get even further on the next turn than if you hadn't taken it.
  • How are you?
    • I'm pretty okay. What about you?
      • I'm good
        • That's good!


This server/bot/game was lovingly handcrafted in 4 days by Pyroan for the fifth Extra Credits Game Jam, from August 23rd to August 26th, 2019 . The theme was "passage".

Source available here, please contribute if you're so-inspired :D


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Great game! I haven't put much time into it, but it didn't take long to pick up. The sabotage mechanic is an awesome twist! Maybe if there was some way to mine for more coins may be a cool addition.


Fun game! Not too high pressure, and surprisingly competitive. I didn't think I'd end up dropping in the discord channel most hours while I was awake to take some actions, but I found myself drawn to it. The mechanics work well with each other, and it's a great example of how limited information can add a lot of intrigue and complexity.


A simple but brilliant game.  The mechanics are quick and easy to learn, and the tactics can be discussed endlessly.  Easily the best game I've played in this jam so far.